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We are a mission-driven company and empowering the female community responsible for curating your teas is extremely important to us. As part of our TeaBlyss Women Empowerment Initiative we allocate a portion of your membership fees towards a donation fund. And eventually, we donate 1 bike to a woman in need, for every 10 subscription payments we receive.










TeaBlyss Bike Initiative that gives bikes to tea farm workers for free


For most women working in rural parts of India, bikes are an ideal mode of transportation due to the amount of distance that needs to be covered to perform day-to-day tasks. However, due to financial constraints many women don't own bikes. In the absence of bikes, walking becomes the primary mode of transportation. Daily tasks such as going to school, shopping for groceries, grabbing drinking water, visiting the health clinic, and delivering goods to the market become more challenging. At TeaBlyss, we thought deeply about these issues and decided that donating bikes would be an effective way to improve the overall quality of women in rural India. 










 Our mission so far has been to make your tea breaks special through our authentic tea experiences. With TeaBlyss Women Empowerment Initiative, we aim at making your tea breaks even more special by making sure that each tea cup you drink has a deeply positive impact on the life of a woman in need. We look forward to empowering women around the world, one tea cup at a time.