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Becoming a Member

Sign up to receive 30 servings of your personalized tea blend every 30, 60 or 90 days. Each box of 30 servings is $27.99 and shipping is free. 60 days is 6 boxes/year and 90 boxes is just 4 boxes/year.



Finding The Perfect Cup

After signing up, we learn about your tea preferences and create a personalized tea recipe just for you.



Sourcing Fresh Ingredients

We source fresh tea leaves, spices and herbs from family owned farms and ship them to you within 5-6 weeks from harvest.


Tasting a Fresh Batch 

Based on your preferences, we send a box curated specially for you with fresh ingredients and recipes for you to explore and create your own personalized blends at home.



Having Flexibility

Cancel anytime. Pause anytime. Change preferences anytime. Change delivery frequency anytime.